A complex labour market and community developing program

No.: E-000554/2014

The program is made up of 3 modules that can be attended one after the other or separately from each other. The goal of the modules is to help to acquire and develop the key competences that are necessary for the everyday life, especially for education (adult, full-time), for entering the labour market and for successfully holding a job. Above all it also gives practical tips and helps to make conscious decisions about the most suitable career and entering working life.

The 3 modules:

- Key competence developing training
- Career orientation training
- Job search training

Job search skills

No.: E-000554/2014/D003

The aim of this course is to help the participants find work successfully. They are provided detailed information about the labour market; they get help to acquire the necessary key competences and also to evaluate their own abilities and possibilities to find the most suitable profession.

Employees' key competence development

No.: E-0000554/2014/D004

The goal of the course is to establish and develop the key competences necessary for the labour market and for doing well at an obtained working place.

Career Orientation

No.: E-000554/2014/D005

This course helps young people to find a possible career path and gives them the necessary basic knowledge and information that supports their career choice.

Event organization

Room to rent

Our office has a classroom that can host meetings, workshops, trainings and courses. It is equipped with tables and chairs for 10 people, without tables it is suitable for 16 people. Price: 2800 HUF/Hrs We can also provide- when needed- a laptop, projector, flipchart board and there is also a possibility for printing. Contact us for a personal offer!