Patron: Ministry of National Economy, Government Office of County Baranya

Project description:

The project was launched by the City Guardianship of the Municipality of Komló, and the aim of it was to improve the employability of 25 applicants suffering from medical, social or psychological problems.

The aim of our services was to support the entry of the participants of a public employment programme to the primary, secondary labour market, or adult education.

The individual, for the labour market necessary, but missing key competences and abilities development and the labour market integration supporting group trainings helped a big part of the participants to reach the goal defined in the individual development plan. The target group of the programme were people, who prior to the special public employment programme had not been ready to be employed, for example disabled workers, long-run unemployed people, parents of minimum three small children, people without elementary school degree or families where there are minimum two registered job seekers.

The participants received mentorship during the programme, they made their own development plan, the implementation of which was supported by employment advisors. They also participated in a re-orientating, key-competences developing and job search technique training group seminars. The improvement of the participants was monitored by 3 labour market mentors and 2 employment advisors.

Project duration: 01 May 2016 - 30 September 2016