Tourist promotion of the Zrinski family thematic routes in the cross-border region

Main beneficiary: Circle of Friends of the Castle of Szigetvár

Project partners: Muzej Međimurje Čakovec

Human Innovation Group Non-profit Ltd.

Project duration: 16 months (01.04.2014 – 31.07.2015)

Budget: 449 015 EUR

Community support: 371 253,65 EUR

Project description:

The project is based on the many years of cooperation between Csáktornya and Szigetvár. Our aim was to create a thematic route that reveals and presents the common history of these two places and the Zrinski family to the public using the most up to date technology. The aim of the participants of the project was to reveal, present and protect the cultural heritage, in order to reach this, it was important to create a product package that experimentally and thoroughly shows the touristic sites on both sides of the border.

The participants set up info points in Szigetvár and Csáktornya. They also develop tourist guiding software that are downloadable to smartphones or Mp4 payers, digital maps, 3D models and kiosk software, they also set up kiosk configurations for the tourists. They renovate the Zrinski Residence in Csáktornya and the first floor of the Barn in Szigetvár. The latter is an exhibition about the history of the local Bosnian minority with interactive and digital content. They map and set up the thematic routes with six stations in Szigetvár and 17 in Medimurje, where all stops will be equipped with trilingual info boards. The Hungarian partner revives the traditional Musola Games; the Croatian partner organizes a Zrinski ball during the project. Region Szigetvár was not long in the Zrinski family´s possession, so there are not many significant relics outside the city, but the region of Medimurje is rich in the cultural and architectural heritage of the Zrinski family, so the following settlements are included in the thematic route: Čakovec, Nedelišče, Gornji Kuršanec, Vularija, Prelog, Donji Vidovec, Donji Dubrava, Kotoriba, Goričan, Domašinec, Podturen, Novakovec, Mursko Središče, Lapšina, Štrigova, Sveti Juraj na Bregu, Šenkovec. The museum sets up 34 road signs and 17 info boards along the thematic route in Medimurje. The Circle of Friends of the Castle sets up 3 road signs and 6 info boards. They also organize promoting events, such as the Musola Games in Szigetvár and the Zrinski ball in Csáktornya. The museum makes research how to make the collection of the exhibition and the installation up-to-date to sustain the results of the project.