Budget: 29.968.319 HUF

Project description

The project numbered TÁMOP 1.4.1-12/1-2013-0123 of Human Innovation Group Ltd. has begun on 2nd February 2014. The projects name is “Increasing the capacity of the Human Innovation Group Non-profit Ltd”.

The project is coordinated by the project manager, who carries out his tasks according to the project guidelines and the general regulations of the enterprise. In the same manner, the financial leader is responsible for the financial part of the project in harmony with his contract and the project guidelines. The beneficiary has also employed a mentor since February 2014. The mentor participated in the target group member selection, and afterward provided psychosocial support to the members of the target group to integrate and accomplish the work well in the new environment.

The initial selection and the final choices were made in February 2014. According to the tender the beneficiary involved 7 freshly graduated participants in the project. 5 of them had a university degree, 2 graduated from secondary school. 

The chosen group participated in a complex programme, the Labour market and Community developing training, which was a 90 hour long accredited training between the 3rd and 18th March 2014. The training focused on key competence development and increasing the awareness of the participants of the labour market. The next course was an IT training, also a 90 hours long that took place between the 18th March – 02nd April. The last training was the OSH (occupational safety and health) training in April. 

The 7 participants have been employed by the Human Innovation Group Non-profit Ltd. since the 3rd April 2014. All of them work 8 hours a day and according to their contracts and job descriptions.

The tool purchase took place in February 2015, during which 7 laptops and the necessary 7 Microsoft Office softwares were procured according to the description in the tender.