Budget: 7.990.480 HUF

Project description:**

The New Szecheny Plan builds on the tools of the development of human resources, so it is important how successful the labour market services are within the programme. With the help of these tools, the labour market services can provide the enterprises with educated and employable workforce. According to the Society Renewal Operative Programme, the role taking of the civil organizations in the provision of state financed services can provide a better quality and higher availability; can also satisfy the growing need and the bigger variety of necessary services, especially in case of regions and social groups, where the state organizations and institutions cannot provide adequate services. So it is necessary to strengthen the civil organizations, give them access to resources and help them develop their professional and institutional capacity, support the development of the organizational culture and innovativeness, especially in disadvantaged regions. As a result of the development, the civil organizations will have a greater chance to join the system of labour market services provided by the National Employment Service. The preparation for the application of the standard quality management system provides equally high quality labour market services for job searching people in whole Hungary.

The aim of this programme is: