Budget: 44.470 EUR

Project description:

The organization accomplished the programme within the Hungary- Croatia Cross border Cooperation programme under the name of The Adaptation of Transit Labour Market Model, Implementation of Transit Labour Market Development, Consultation Information in the Regions of Szigetvár and Slatina.

Location: Szigetvári region, Slatina, Virovitica and neighbourhood

The goal of the project was to share and teach the well-working employability developing Transit programme. This programme is a complex labour market reintegration programme, where the disadvantaged participants parallel to developing their key competencies and learning a profession have the chance to practice their future profession at existing companies that in case of success would employ them further on. The practical course is led by an experienced tutor, the master. Meanwhile the participants get psychosocial support, key competence development training, wages and travel support.

The Hungarian party gave over the necessary documents, the way of executing the programme and prepared the professionals, all adjusted to the Croatian needs. The Hungarian and the Croatian professionals were constantly in touch during the execution of the programme. Bilingual books and teaching materials were written for some of the courses.

Further information:

Project duration: 01.07.2011 – 30.06.2012

The organization was a main beneficiary in this project in cooperation with the following organizations:

Culture and Green Zone Association of Szigetvár

VIDRA - Agencija za regionalni razvoj Virovitičko-podravske Zupanije

Grad Slatina