Budget: 54.952.152 HUF

Project description:

The aim of the project was to work up an intervention plan for the improvement of the social, integrational, educational and medical conditions of the inhabitants of Kosba and Újvárhegy. Main issues were to find solutions for problems deriving from multiple handicaps affecting lives through generations and to establish a community cooperation focusing on self and community development.

The complex intervention plan includes social, community developmental, educational and employment areas. The multi-faceted project was realised by a four membered consortium: The Municipality of Tamási, the Roma local government of Tamási, Human Innovation Group Ltd, and the István Türr Training and Research Centre.

The central professional part of the programme was on the one hand the establishment of Csillagház (Star house) service house located in the Community Centre, on the other hand the establishment of Csillag (Star) service point that will be located in the newly renovated Roma Community Centre. The service house is the location of the integrational programmes, the service point provides the missing hygienic services, and also the social, children protective, community developing, educational, medical and adult educational services. The core professional work of the project was the development of the professional programme of the settlement type service house and service point as well as the settlement type individual case management; and social work based on the individual development plan that helps the whole family to fight all the disadvantages through the participant.

60 (3-45 yrs) disadvantaged people joined the programme under the mentorship of 4 social workers. The service point accommodates the professional and management staff, the interview and group room and all the other service elements of the project.

We employed four community event organizers, who live in the settlement and are accepted and well-received members of the community.

Community and integration events in the service house:

  1. Tolerance Soccer Cup, which was held in two following years

  2. Traditional cooking competitions: Kettle and the Venison-cooking Masters- competitions beloved by the community of Tamási. The inhabitants of the segregates can´t afford to participate in these events, so the project plans to provide resources for the Rácvölgy community as well. We also introduced a new element, namely the Kettle Master of Roma Flavors that we plan to develop to be a city event. The target group participates in organizing dance houses. The winner of the “Art from Waste” city contest has the chance to go on a family trip. The works of the participants will be shown at an exhibition. The project also focuses on environmental protection. Additional parts of the project: pilgrimage, variety of events connected to Christian holidays, religious courses, community environmental protection events, children’s dance group, children and folk games, courses about folk traditions for community and social workers, house of crafts - a thematic event series. 

Adult education and employability supporting elements: Accredited stone masonry course, school tutoring, learning methods training (18 hrs/ 3 days- 2 groups), accredited labour market training (5 days- 8 groups), kitchen help training (12 people), family day-care leader training (12 people) , IT course (60 hrs, 12 people, 2 groups)

Education: individual development and lessons in small groups for schoolchildren lead by teachers and a developmental teacher, music kindergarten and school trips, health care services: lectures by specialists, promotion of screenings, ob-gyn lectures, lifestyle camps (5 day-4 nights, full board, 20 children, 5 adults), psychological counselling, dietetic counselling, preventive group sessions (smoking, alcohol consume), thematic group sessions in the house of Praktika.

Further information:

Project duration: 01.07.2013 - 30.06.2015

Main applicant:

Tamási Municipality

Consortium partners:

Tamási Roma Local Government

Türr István Training and research Centre

Human Innovation Group Non-profit Ltd.